Dual Degree Program Enrollment Form


    We are pleased that you have decided to enroll in the Governors State University Dual Degree Program! Please review all program requirements carefully. We look forward to helping you meet your academic and career goals as you complete your associate and bachelor’s degrees.


    The Dual Degree Program is designed for full-time, associate degree-seeking students who are attending partner community colleges. It will ensure that participating community colleges graduates make a seamless transition to Governors State University to complete their bachelor’s degrees.

    Students in the Dual Degree Program will receive the following benefits:

    1. Illinois residents have the opportunity to lock-in GovState's tuition rate based on the date of enrollment in the Dual Degree Program (restrictions apply); 
    2. Opportunity to compete for a DDP scholarship, exclusive to Dual Degree Program students (if eligible);
    3. Academic advisement from both your community college and GovState to assist with completion of the associate and bachelor’s  degrees in a minimum number of terms;
    4. Opportunity to participate in social and cultural activities at both your community college and GovState; and 
    5. Admission to GovState is guaranteed (exceptions include Nursing, Social Work, and Art), and the GovState Admissions application fee is waived for DDP students.

    To be eligible for the Dual Degree Program, students must meet the following requirements:

    1. Maintain full-time enrollment throughout their undergraduate studies;
    2. Enroll in the Dual Degree Program prior to completing an associate degree at one of our 17 partner community colleges;
    3. Consult with the academic advisors at both institutions, at least once per semester, for review of course progress towards the associate and bachelor’s degrees;
    4. Submit unofficial transcripts and current class schedule to Dual Degree Program advisor each semester until transfer term;
    5. Attend a DDP Induction, in person or online;
    6. Maintain continuous enrollment status in the Dual Degree Program by enrolling at Governors State University in the semester following the completion of the associate degree;
    7. Maintain good academic standing throughout the undergraduate program; and
    8. Consent to allow staff from GovState and your community college to share and review academic progress, enrollment status, program completion status, and financial aid eligibility and disbursement.
    By submitting this form I understand that if I am giving consent for partnership college and GovState to share my academic information such as contact information, enrollment status, GPA, academic transcripts, program completion status, and financial aid eligibility and disbursement. This release will take effect upon my enrollment in the Dual Degree Program and will remain in effect until I cancel it in writing or one year after leaving the Dual Degree Program.


    Partner community colleges and Governors State University are both accredited by the Higher Learning Commission (HLC) of the North Central Association of Colleges and Schools (NCA). 301 North LaSalle St., Suite 2400 Chicago, Illinois 60602-2504, 312.263.0456 or 800.621.7440.

    Partner community colleges and Governors State University both subscribe to the principle of affirmative action and do not discriminate against any individual on the basis of age, color, national origin, race, religion, sex, veteran status, disability, or sexual orientation.