English Language Learning Center (ELLC)

    English Language Learning Center provides Intensive English Program for international students, or part-time English learning program for community members and visitors to help improve their academic and/or professional English skills.

    Intensive English Program consists of 20 hours per week instruction including:

    1.     Listening and Speaking

    2.     Reading and Writing

    3.     Grammar

    4.     Mastering College and Digital Literacy

    Part time student can take any one or combination of courses from the above.

    We offer quality academic ESL courses for very reasonable cost. All the faculty members have a Master’s in TESOL or English and above with ample experience teaching international students from beginners to university-ready levels.  

    Students will participate in on-campus cultural and academic activities and attend several off campus events such as visits to museums and nature parks. 


    4 Levels for Undergraduate Students

    5 Levels for Graduate Students


    15 Weeks (Fall and Spring semesters) 13 weeks (Summer semester)


    18 Years Old or with written permission from legal guardians.



    I-20 Document

    I-20 Issued Upon Admission

    Courses Offered

    Spring 2024    1/16/24 – 5/3/24

    Summer 2024 5/13/24 – 8/09/24

    Fall 2024         8/26/24 – 12/6/24

    Spring 2025     1/21/25 – 5/9/25

    Summer 2025   5/19/26 – 8/15/24

    Fall 2025         8/25/25 - 12/05/25


    The English Language Learning Center is the cheapest university-based Intensive English Program in Chicagoland Area! 

    Intensive English Program - $5,500 per semester (that includes tuition, textbooks, and fees). Students need to pay for GSU health insurance.

    Part Time Community ESL Program – Contact English Language Learning Center esl@govst.edu

    Message from the director:

    Welcome to Governors State University’s Intensive ESL Program. Here we care about our student’s academic and personal life. We will assist you from the moment you step off the airplane. We want you to succeed in your academic goals and feel comfortable in this new setting. We provide connections with faculty in other disciplines to allow for a complete academic experience for the ESL student. We hope you will join us in the Chicago southland. https://www.govst.edu/esl/

    Dr. Akiko Ota (Ed.D)
    English Language Learning Center Director

    School of Extended Learning
    Governors State University

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    Mailing Address
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